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Group name: KATANI 

Members: Amani O+ & Kat So
Location: Albany and Brooklyn New York
Styles: Hip-Hop, Rap, Spoken Word


CD name: FkBoyz n’ Beats
Release date: June 2022
Label information: Independent/B.L.A.C.K. Label


Song: NFB4L Written and Performed by KATANI 

Release date: Friday, April 08 2022

Production details: Rec by KATANI and donfons, Instrumental by  Beat Demons, mixed by JGI Media. 


Unlisted Song Link:

*Radio Edit also available. 







Artist contact: Amani O+ 718-915-6962

Management: Amanda or Cassandra 518-336-6133


Winners Best Hip Hop Artists in New York’s Capital Region  

Featured on Hurricane Relief Album Viva Puerto Rico with Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, Lila Downs and more. 



Date: April, 08, 2022
Media Contact: Amanda W. 

Phone: 518-336-6133 

Email: and 


Music on All Streaming Platforms:


2 Femcees have just one question...misogyny, is you finished or are you done?

KATANI releases the anti-fkboy anthem in anticipation of their debut album, ‘Fuck Boyz & Beats’


Activist and femcee duo, KATANI, has released their latest single and newest addition to your fiercest Misogy-Nah! playlists. NFB4L (No Fkboyz 4 Life)  joins “Hats” (an undersung Femme + Genderqueer  anthem) and No Role Modelz (a line-by-line response to J Cole’s track of the same name). Before the 2020 lockdown, KATANI released this fiery music video for “Kodak Mellow-nin” a biting yet empowering remake to the Billboard Chart topping “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B. 

With tracks on their debut project FkBoyz n’ Beats titled “Say Her Name”, “2 Divine 4 U” (a message to cat-callers everywhere) and “Baby Mama Anthem” the songs speak in thoughts of our women, trans folx, femmes and genderqueer family, who are too frequently spoken at, over and for in mainstream music. 

Hat’s iTunes link:

2 Divine 4 U  YouTube link:

“Hats” is the first single from KATANI’s debut album Fuck Boyz n’ Beats. It is inspired by the duo’s personal struggles with the intersectional oppression that exists within social justice movements such as systemic racism and the erasure of the experiences of those who aren’t cisgendered men. Since the debut of “Hats” in November 2016, KATANI has released “No Role Modelz” “Unity” “OOOUUU” “2 Divine 4 U” and “Kodak Mellow-nin”.

Amani O+ Poet & Emcee and Kat So combine powerful lines with a wavy but hard hitting fusion of poetry and hip hop. The duo connected in New York’s capital, Albany, with Amani reigning from Brooklyn NY (by most recent way of Panama and the Black Southern Great Migration) and Kat from Schenectady (by most recent way of  Borikén/Puerto Rico) and offers a sound that spans continents and music eras. KATANI blends the old with the new and taps into the ancient rhythm of resistance while remaking modern hits. 

Poets turned emcees, Kat & Amani first teamed up in 2014 to raise awareness around suicide in the 2014 poetic play “Unspoken Word”. The two have since recorded their first EP (release date late Spring 2022) addressing misogynoir and have begun recording for their second project  “Watermelon”,  a remake album dedicated to the “melodious misogyny” we hate to love.

In the 2019 Thomas Edison Music Awards, the two were named Best MC’s in the Capital Region of New York. Both artists had already dedicated earlier solo work  to justice and consciousness raising and have previously teamed up to create audiovisual works such as “Unite” for Korryn Gaines and “Black Power Shuffle/Dance Anyway” (Kat as videographer and Amani as lyricist). Since its release, “Kodak Mellow-nin” continues to gain momentum and has received thousands of views and hundreds of shares on social platforms (see vid on Facebook: 

The art-ivists were also featured in the nationally recognized “Freedom” music video by Taina Asili (dubbed the BLM anthem of 2016). Kat So’s Healing Time, feat. Amani O+ and Mada Alpha of Ladies of Lyrics, encapsulated the soul and struggle of the Great 2020 Uprising, on a NY DRILL BEAT!  

KATANI aims to reach the world with their words and usher in a new era of music, pushing the culture and stretching genre to create the change they wish to see in the world.

Upcoming shows:

Certified - Collectiveffort April 3rd 2022


Find KATANI on All Platforms:

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