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"I am a woman on a mission to
abolish the misogyny
that's plaguing our society ..."

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Photo by @Drza2000

KATANI is an anti-misogyny, pro-black, community uplifting raptivist duo comprised of Amani O+ & Kat SoPoetic.

Kat + Amani = KATANI


We are best friends who began collaborating in 2016 as a response to the corruption, abuse and silence we experienced and observed locally and nationally. We found ourselves alchemizing our rage and disappointment into visionary medicine and inspiration.

We are here to rep for women, femmes, queers, trans folx, non-binary, Black, Indigenous & People of Color and all our people at the margins who are sick of the fuckery, erasure and violence.



is the only feminism we acknowledge.


Our ultimate aim is to heal with, uplift and unite people, with a specific focus on those who patriarchy, racism and oppression aim to invisiblize.

We know that misogynoir is yet another symptom of colonialism and we are here to get free of it and thrive trying.

...cuz we (STILL) here yall...

living & winning despite it all!

aint that (r)evolutionary?!

#reMatriate #decarcerate #reindigenize #decolonize #misogyNAHmusic

Debut album Fuckboyz & Beats  coming soon


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Phone : (518) 336-6133


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